I have published two scenes from the book I am writing about life and work in Ethiopia and South Sudan.  “What She Wanted,” was published in the Spring 2011 edition of Portland Magazine, the award-winning magazine of University of Portland, in Portland, Oregon.  “Comfort Food,” was published in Georgetown Review’s Spring 2010 issue.

Enjoy, and please write to me with your feedback!  Ck


This is the first page of my story, What She Wanted, published in Portland Magazine.The second page of my story, What She Wanted.

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    • Thanks, Betty. That’s what I’m reaching for–making real events come alive the way our imaginary ones do. History doesn’t have to be boring! Ck

  1. I loved your continued use of “…it wouldn’t have pleased me…”. Made a great connection between the old deaconess’s need/desire and your own feelings.
    There was a lot of emotion in the story. So good.
    Were the crinkles around the old woman’s eyes (after her outburst) a smile???

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