I am an adult “mish kid,” meaning I grew up overseas with missionary parents.  My mom and dad lived in Ethiopia for twenty-three years, and I only left to go to college in the US.

I went back to Ethiopia with my husband and three kids in 1990.  For six years, I taught English to Ethiopian girls ages 4-8,  and then we moved to Nairobi, Kenya for four more years.  I traveled in and out of South Sudan and Kakuma Refugee Camp, teaching English, teaching teachers to teach English, and eventually helping to organize a people-to-people’s peace conference.

I live in Oregon again now, and I’m writing a book reflecting on my experiences as a child and an adult in Africa, reflecting on how I long to see Africa and Africans thrive, and how more often than not I see instead that life is difficult in Africa.  And still people find hope and joy.  My book is tentatively titled A Wide Peace (thank you, Susanna Sonnenberg!).